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316 woven wire drapery

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316 woven wire drapery

Few building materials are as versatile, aesthetically pleasing and functional as 316 woven wire drapery. It can be combined with flooring, ceilings, railing fillers, curtains, partitions, exterior walls, canopies or anything else the architect can imagine.

This 316 woven wire drapery combines aesthetics and functionality to provide a compelling visual appeal that adds comfort, safety and energy efficiency. 316 woven wire drapery is one of the most effective forms of solar shading and can be configured to withstand strong winds. It can be painted in any color or laser cut size. Whether you choose aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh or galvanized steel, our architectural wire mesh offers stylish décor for walls and ceilings while providing excellent reflection and added texture throughout the interior.

Our 316 woven wire drapery is versatile, economical, lightweight and require minimal structural support. This means lowering material and labor costs. Construction wire mesh can be applied to any construction project.

The superior qualities of 316 woven wire drapery include high open area, high strength to weight ratio, and pleasant aesthetics and versatility.

316 woven wire drapery application:
 Space mesh
 Textured wire mesh
 Mesh sunscreen
Wire security screen
WireMesh room partition
 Decorative wall wire mesh and ceiling wire mesh
 Custom wire mesh
 Fill rail panel
Cabinet insertion

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