Installation Method

1.    Eyebolt + Rod
A. 20mm-25mm rods suit the mesh shorter than 5m. And the distance between two eyebolt is approx.500mm-600mm.
B. For 5m-8m mesh, 25mm-30mm rod is the best solution. The distance between two eyebolts is approx.300mm. And 1 or 2 rods should be fixed into the mesh for reinforcement.
C. This installation suits following products:
a. A-26, A-29, A-37, A-49, A-52 (Rods are woven into the mesh.)
b. A-21,A-37 (The rod is fixed into the ends of the mesh with the string and aluminum clasp.)

2.Steel flat + U-shaped clip or angle steel + screw
A. The distance between two U-shape clips or screws depends on the weight and length of the mesh.
B. The installation is suitable for any products.

3. Heavy Accessory
A. This accessory is suitable for the mesh longer than 10m and with great weight.
B. It is used for the following products;
A-26, A-29, A-37,A-49, A-52

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