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2019 Best Aluminum Meterial Decorative Mesh

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Aluminum Cloth Curtain

The aluminum meterial decorative mesh is an aluminum sheet product that has been cut and stretched into various diamond or hexagonal openings.The aluminum meterial decorative mesh for partition walls is suitable for partitioning in public places and can be installed or removed when needed, which brings great convenience when we use a given location. Stainless steel and other metals are used as raw materials, which are then made into decorative screens for various textiles.

The surface is treated with a special coating, and the aluminum meterial decorative mesh is very fire resistant. In addition, the polished coating makes the aluminum metal mesh easy to clean. As a partition wall, the grid is strong and solid. The enclosed manual simplifies installation.

Aluminum mesh metal meshes are easy to weld, cut and form using suitable equipment. Expanded metal aluminum mesh has antimagnetic and corrosion resistance.



There are 4 types of the aluminum meterial decorative mesh.

LB-1138-2 material aluminum

Weight 2.7kg / m²

The open area 35%

Maximum weight 2m

LB-0811-2 material aluminum

Weight 2.2kg / m²

18% open area

Maximum weight 2m

LA-1430-15 material SS

Weight 3kg / m²

60% open area

Maximum weight 2m

LB-3575-3 material aluminum

Weight 6.1kg / m²

38% open area

Maximum weight 2m



1. There are hundreds of uses for aluminum mesh wire mesh, such as security, screening, mechanical protection, space separation, decorative partitions, flooring, sidewalks, facades, facade coatings, filters, ceilings, window protection, etc. High-quality stainless steel made by the special process as raw material.

2. Weaving, drawing, and punching due to its metal wires and special flexibility and gloss.

3. Metal wires are widely used in museums, exhibition halls and cultural centers, stadiums, opera houses.

4. High-end brand flagship stores, star restaurants, cafes, shopping plazas, villas, office buildings, etc.

5. Compose facades, partitions, ceilings as well as upscale interior and exterior trim. With durability.

6. The lush and high-grade second-grade, simple and atmospheric atmosphere is a perfect combination of modernity.


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