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Stainless Steel Elevator mesh

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When designing the decoration of the elevator, we must first consider the use of the elevator, and then consider the choice of the decoration materials of the building, processing and installation. The stainless steel elevator mesh is a best choice.

1.Passenger elevator

Passenger elevators are elevators designed to carry passengers. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other places with high traffic.Therefore, a combination of multiple materials and multiple colors is used. The interior materials are extremely elegant, with extremely diverse lines and shapes. Space gives a pleasant visual experience. Using different color temperature differences and different light source processing methods can make the deep yellow warm, bright and bright, reflecting the unique elevator decoration style. And the stainless steel elevator mesh creats a variety of optimal atmosphere and environmental requirements.

2. villa elevator
The decoration of the villa elevator is more personalized, which can fully reflect the owner's personal hobbies, aesthetic concepts, professional scope and other characteristics. the stainless steel elevator mesh should complement the entire family.

3.Hospital Elevator
Hospital elevator must be able to prevent corrosion. Because there are many patients in the medical elevator, the interior of the car needs to be disinfected frequently. The inner wall, the ceiling, the armrest, etc. are all exposed to certain chemical reagents, so it is necessary to use the stainless steel elevator mesh. Secondly, the door must be bumped properly, and the front cover of the car must be protected to protect the door and the front cover of the car to reduce the impact during the collision, protect the patient from the cold, and avoid reflecting warm light. The comfortable feeling allows the patient to temporarily forget or relieve physical pain.

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