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Brass Metallic cloth suppliers

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The brass mesh is made of brass wire. The material of brass metallic cloth can be divided into 65 brass, 70 brass and 80 brass. Warp and weft threads usually have the same diameter. Compared with copper mesh cloth, the brass metallic cloth have better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, better tensile strength, lower electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. They are widely used for screening and filtering particles, powders, porcelain and glass, porcelain printing, grain, filtering liquids and gases, and as decorative nets.

In addition,oxidation treatment is to oxidize the mesh of various colors to make it look smooth and not stain the color. Just like putting some colored ink on a metal cloth, so is printing ink. Novel processing is another technique that allows each slice to have multiple colors and makes the entire grid fictional. The grit coating can produce many small colored grit on the screen and is also a good scene in colored light.

Specification of the brass metallic cloth:

Material : aluminum, brass
Sheet diameter: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm
Surface treatment: oxidation, printing ink, imaginary paint and grit paint.
Color: red, silver, green, black, golden yellow, etc.

Characteristics of the brass metallic cloth:   

1. Acid and alkali resistant.

2. Durable, good ductility and high tensile strength.

3. Let light, air, and liquids pass through.
4. Discoloration due to atmospheric conditions.
5. Not suitable for salt water applications.
6. Easy to clean and install.
Application of the brass metallic cloth:

1.Decorative nets for lamps, cabinets and entertainment centres.
2. Plumbing screens, filter panels, fireplace screens, window and porch screens.
3. Sculptures, crafts, barbecue grills.
4. Filter food, mining, paper, machinery, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, industrial, power, commercial, etc.  

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