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Adamant Woven fabric for elevator Project

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woven fabric for elevator

The woven fabric for elevator is mainly woven from stainless steel and brass wire. Some are treated with a grinder and have a flat finish. This metal elevator fabric is widely used for elevator car or wall decoration.



Material: white steel wire, lead wire, stainless steel wire,  black steel wire;etc.

Weaving and characteristics: Weaving after crimping, the structure is firm.




1. Sturdy structure

2. Extremely versatile

3. Easy to cut to fit the installation

4.Low wind load resistance

5, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance

6 The decorative steel wire mesh has versatility, unique textures, multiple colors, durability and flexibility, which can provide numerous design opportunities, and is responsible for some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.



1. Woven fabrics for elevator are mainly used for car sills, car panels, car roofs, elevator cars, etc. Size can be customized.

2. For exterior walls, wall coverings, suspended and suspended ceilings, facades, awnings and canopies, gates, stairs, railings, furniture and partition screens.

3. Mostly used in coal mining, construction and other industries.

4. Screening in the mining, petroleum, chemical, construction and food industries. Used for mechanical parts, packaging, barbecue, hardware products, handicrafts, wire baskets, food machinery, roads and railways, etc.

5.The woven fabric for elevator is also used for the screening and classification of solid materials and the filtration of liquids and quarries.

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