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6 Must-know metal woven wire drapery

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Q1 What is metal woven wire drapery made of?

In order to apply in different scenarios, these kinds of products mainly use ss304&306, brass, bronze, copper, custom alloys and aluminum as raw materials. 

Q2 What are the unique features of the metal woven wire drapery?

Compared with traditional products, metal woven wire drapery has excellent durability, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and flexibility. It means that users need to spend no or little cost to maintain it. In addition to practicality, a variety of colors and good-looking appearance bring visual enjoyment.

Q3 Where can these products be used?

Metal woven wire drapery is widely used in interior and exterior architectures, such as fireplace, shower curtain, suspended ceiling, decorative lighting, partition walls, wall covering, sunshades, elevators, zoo, wall cladding for climbing plants, sports fencing, bridge guardrails and so on.

Q4  How to maintain woven wire drapery?

The materials of metal woven wire drapery generally have good durability and anti-corrosion. This means that we don't need to spend too much money to maintain it. The main cleaning producers are:

①Use a duster to remove dust and spider webs from the surface.

②Wipe the mesh with a less corrosive liquid. 

③Rinse with clean water lastly.

Q5 Can you list several categories of your products?

Now our company has 6 classifications of metal woven wire drapery.

Architecture woven mesh, Metal coil drapery, Metallic cloth, metal ring mesh, Metal beaded curtain and Stainless steel rope mesh. 

Q6 Why do we choose your company?

Masewa is located in the hometown of wire mesh - anping. We have dedicated to metal woven wire drapery for 20 years. Now we have 2 plants, 3 workshops and 2 warehouses. Our metal mesh enjoys a wide rage of applications. Under high quality standards, we will offer more reasonable price to customers. Following the industry trade, we continue to innovate products to meet the needs of more customers. 

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