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Brass woven wire drapery

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Brass woven wire drapery

Brass woven wire drapery, also known as copper and brass metal roller blinds or curtains, made of high quality aluminum wire, iron wire, copper wire or other materials. Maintaining copper and brass mesh curtains is very cheap because you only need to wipe it with a cloth. The new curtains have excellent fire resistance, breathability, light transmission and aristocracy. They are of great significance for window treatment, building rafts, shower curtains, space separation, ceilings and other indoor and outdoor decoration. Typically, Brass woven wire drapery is used in showrooms, living rooms, restaurants, hotels and bathrooms. Here are the copper and brass mesh curtains.

Features of Brass woven wire drapery:

Beautiful. Brass woven wire drapery create visual aesthetics.

Mildew and fire resistance. Brass woven wire drapery are suitable for two extreme environments: wet and flammable.

Low maintenance: Maintaining brass mesh curtains is cheaper because you only need to wipe with a cloth.

Environmentally friendly materials. 100% recyclable.

Rust resistance and high strength.  Brass woven wire drapery are available in three surface treatments: pickling, anodizing or baking. They can give them high corrosion resistance. In addition, good toughness and wear resistance make it strong.

Easy installation. Copper mesh curtains have a lightweight and flexible structure.

Ventilation and light transmission. Brass mesh curtains keep fresh air for good illumination.

Versatility. Copper and brass coil meshes are available for different applications.

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